Videogame Orchestra

Videogame Orchestra [Vgo] intend to create a video-game music archive, based on remakes and original compositions.
The concept of the Vgo sound is to re-create the video-game aesthetics, using various authentic sources and tools. The Vgo archive is always expandable and every proposal is taken under consideration. Vgo believe that, when a track appeals to even a single person, it’s a track worth remaking.

Audiobank is an online collection of quality royalty-free music and sound effects for :
– videogames creators
– video production / audiovisuals producers
– podcast / radio stations
– webmasters
– educational content
– advertising agencies / corporate videos & presentations

TVPaint Développement

TVPaint Développement is a French studio, developing a 2D animation software called TVP animation (also known as TVPaint, Aura or Mirage), a comprehensive image creation and editing software, whether animated or still :
– Drawing & Illustration
– Storyboard & Animatic
– 2D Animation
– Stop-motion